Now It’s Official – Veganism Is Britain’s Fastest Growing Lifestyle Ever

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  • People in Britain are going vegan at an impressive pace. This applies especially to the young generation at the age between 15 and 34 years old accounting for a 50% surge of vegans in the last decade. However, as much as vegan dietary options are concerned Britain still seems to lay behind. So, Britain needs to rapidly catch up with this. That’s why vegans in Britain have launched an initiative to support not only a vegan aisle but an entire vegan section in Britain’s supermarkets. For this purpose, they have gathered more than 7,000 signatures by now. Let’s hope they will reach their goal very soon!

    “The number of Vegans in Britain is booming. Some 542,000 people aged 15 or over – more than one per cent of the population – have adopted a plant-based diet, up from 150,000 in 2006. According to the Vegan Society, the survey proves that veganism is now one of Britain’s “fastest growing lifestyle movements”.

    However, it’s really challenging to find good-quality pre-packaged vegan foods in British supermarkets. There’s a big gap in the market here, and you guys can fill it!

    Of course, there’s always fruit and veg, but surely it would be a wise move for bigger supermarkets to start stocking a wider range of vegan products, like mock meats, desserts and drinks? Not only will this encourage vegan shoppers to return to mainstream supermarkets in their local areas, it would also encourage more non-vegans to think about making the change.

    The way that vegan products are currently spread across stores is challenging for a lots of reasons. Vegan shoppers (and non vegans people looking for a healthier options, lactose intolerant people etc) need to spend a lot longer shopping because they have to look closely at every label and shopper’s miss many products that could be sold to them, particularly if it’s a flying visit. Also it makes vegans reluctant to wander through aisles that contain products that they have no wish for.

    The solution?
    A vegan aisle in the supermarket! Or even a section would do it!

    More and more people are choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle.

    Providing a vegan section in the supermarket would:

    • Make cruelty-free options more accessible to more customers
    • Give customers greater confidence when choosing products
    • Reduce the stress of shopping for vegan items
    • Create a more favourable opinion of big brand supermarkets

    So please, big supermarkets, add a vegan shopping section… for people, for the animals and for the planet! (PS: It won’t hurt your profits, either!)”


    Going Vegan

    501 Comments to Now It’s Official – Veganism Is Britain’s Fastest Growing Lifestyle Ever

    1. It’s about supply and demand. There are not enough vegans out there to cause a restaurant to spend the time headache and money to try to add vegan options to their menu outside of black bean and veggie burgers. If 20% of the population for vegan then sure… But half a percent of the population does not have enough of an effect on the market to cause restaurants to change their menus. This is why in places with higher percentages of vegans locally, like New York, and in Southern California, there are entire cafes and restaurants dedicated to serving vegan foods. Real Food Daily is an example in Los Angeles. I don’t think begins in the United States realize how few vegans there are. Propaganda put out like this is one of the reasons why probably. It makes it seem like a vegan is in a sweeping the nation… But it’s not. Privileged opinionated Millennials have the ability and luxury to eating vegan diet… The rest of America does not.

    2. Or a new generation of people who went back to eating animals the way they’re supposed to be eaten, humanely, locally, and using permaculture style farming. I don’t think a significant portion of children would stop eating meat just because they found out what part of the cow it was, or even if they saw how inhumanely they are treated, Howard, and slaughtered in factory-style farms. Is it because humans are biologically designed to consume animal products. So they will probably do what most people do which is go oh man that’s sad, I don’t like that, but then continue eating meat. Just like people know that their taxes are used to fund Wars and drop bombs on brown people, and they go oh man that’s sad, I wish it wasn’t like that… And then continue to pay their taxes. What’s much more likely, and has been proven more effective, is instead of trying to convince the entire country to go vegan, doing what is necessary to undercut factory farms, and put the money back in the hands of small local Humane organic farmers who use permaculture methods. This not only ensures much better treatment for the animals themselves, but has an amazing impact on the environment, lowers the cost of the meat, and makes it available to many of the people who are buying cheap Factory Farms meat because it’s all they can afford. The problem is the lobbies and the government working together to find factory farming and subsidize it… They have put Humane farming out of business and most of the country. Is vegans put much effort into I’m doing this as they did into trying to talk everyone into being vegan, it would actually save and improve the lives of way more farm animals. Even if they could get twice as many people to be vegan as there are now… That would be 1% of the United States population. 1% is not enough to have an impact on the amount of farm animal Slaughter, or the way it is done. It literally doesn’t affect it. Even if there were ten times as many vegans as there are now, that would be 5% of the population. That barely makes a dent in any sort of supply and demand or Market change.

      • first and foremost: there is NO such thing as “humane” slaughter! it doesn’t exist! you cannot murder millions of animals a day and call that humane even if they aren’t shoved together in factory farms. murder is murder.
        second: what “amazing impact” does the farms you are advocating for have on the environment? because organic, free-range farms are actually worse for the environment than factory farms, or at least close to it. it would take the entire north american continent and a bit of south america to feed the meat demand of just the united states. and that’s assuming all that land is dedicated only to farms.
        vegans want to stop the exploitation and murder of animals completely. not make it more “humane”.

    3. Haha you switched from being nonvegan to be being a pretentious nonvegan support humane exploitation and murder! Stop using speculated stats as facts! And lastly, learn to read science, and understand that correlational studies, epidemiological studies are as important as experimental ones. ” stocks do not support that being nonvegan- vegetarian actually helps farm animal welfare” this is the most hypocritical statement I have ever read!!!lol

    4. Imogen Minoli drop your expectation..why should she be reading the article when she seems so informed about USA?? Informed to sharing biases and opinions, not facts and scientific evidence! Don’t get me started on that one!

    5. Although Britain may have a faster growing number of vegans overall, I do feel that in the bigger American cities, there are far more readily available vegan options. I lived in London for the last 4 years and found it not nearly as easy to be vegan as it is in New York City where I have now moved. There are at least 10 excellent/award-winning vegan restaurants within a 10 minute walk of my apartment in the East Village. As well, most restaurants in NYC have at least one vegan option and are quite knowledgeable about veganism. I did not find that to be the case at all in London. In London, there were a few places here and there but you’d have to travel long distances sometimes to get to them and most non-vegan places did not know what “vegan” meant exactly. (I think the American customer service catering to customers’ needs more probably plays a role here as well.)

      • Wendy, do you mind me asking if you’ve ever tried the Arbonne vegan range? I’m a Nutritionist and NLP Practitioner based in London and use the range in my practice. I’d be happy to send you some samples if you’d like to test them out. I think the great thing about the range (apart from being vegan and gluten-free!!) is the ease of ordering online!

    6. Veganism is definitely growing in the UK. I know a very large number of vegans, who have actually decided to go that way not specifically because of animal welfare, but because of the environmental benefits. In a world with increasing human populations, we have (and will have in the future) severe food and water shortages and it simply doesn’t make sense to use crops and water to feed animals that we’ll later eat, when we could just eat the crops ourselves.

    7. Having recently looked closer at the side effects of preservatives in foods I completely agree that going fresh and away from processed foods is the best way forward. When health issues arrise withing the family unit it is worth looking at the foods and drinks you’re consuming. For example I was shocked to find that the preservative in almost all Cordial squash drinks ‘should not be consumed by children’. Scary then that this is who they are markered towards.

    8. I’m a self-employed Nutritionist so this is great news for me. I supply athletes and sports teams with the Arbonne vegan range. Most of the teams I deal with were used to taking the typical whey protein from cheap sources, the response from the players and the coaches to the Arbonne range has been phenomenal so far. Rio gold medal winner Brett Parks has been great for publicising the benefits and efficacy of the line as well. So for any of you that are looking for effective vegan health and wellness products please feel free to get in touch for more info. And of course if any you are business-minded and see the massive growth and potential with a vegan network marketing business then i’d also be happy to chat with you about the business side of things as well. Warmest Wishes, Marie

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